Unity 2008 Survey

Dear AAJA Visual Journalists,
During the Unity 2008 Chicago conference, the members of the Visual Task Force (VTF), comprised of visual journalists from all four organizations, met to discuss the future of all four individual conferences. It was decided that in order for each of the four organizations to have the programming and workshops needed to forge into journalism’s new path, we would need to combine our efforts and expertise to make each of the four conferences better.
To aid in the effort to bring relevant and necessary training to AAJA’s conference in Boston from August 12-15, we need to know what are the needs and desires of our membership. Therefore, we have put together a survey to help us focus our programming and planning.
Please help the VTF committee plan for a fantastic 2009 conference season by filling out this survey so I can take the information to the next VTF meeting in September, where it will be presented to the committee and the process will begin to make the needs and desires of our membership a reality.
Local Boston photographers Susan Choi, Matt Lee and Michael Quan are working on local ideas for the VTF. Corky Lee is working on the Photo Exhibit and Photo Silent Auction. Dai Sugano is working on multimedia ideas. I’m working on getting thousands of dollars in prizes for the Photo/Multimedia ShootOut. Michelle Le is working on the Student Project. Baron Sekiya is working on web site info. James Yee and Marilynn Yee are working on party ideas. 
If you are interested in helping out, let me know.  Thank you for your feedback,
Paul Sakuma
Photographer, Associated Press
AAJA Visual Task Force chair
Mark 1-5 for your interests in these areas of training/programming? One is the least amount of interest, five is the most interested.
Multimedia (slide shows w/audio)
Video training (Final Cut Pro, Avid, etc.)
Audio training (Audacity, Garage Band, etc.)
Web design (Dream weaver, InDesign, etc.)
Portfolio critiques (personal one-on-one and live critiques)
Guest speakers (What speakers/topics would you like to hear?)
Photography/Multimedia ShootOut
Social event (dinner, dim sum, boat ride, etc.)
Photo gallery/photo auction
What area of journalism do you work/go to school in? (choose one)
Do you feel a need to know any or all of the above skills?
Does your place of work provide training opportunities? 
If not, would the AAJA conference be the only opportunity you would have for training?
Do you plan to attend the AAJA convention from August 12-15 in Boston?
Would any of the above programming being available affect your decision to attend the conference?
I would come anyhow
I won’t come anyhow
Would you volunteer for the Visual Task Force?
At the conference
During the planning
In a specific way? (web help, speaking, in another way?)
If you have specific feedback or suggestions, we would like to hear them.
Please email me your survey.  Put “VTF Boston” in the subject line. You can also mail in survey.
Paul Sakuma
Associated Press Photographer
AAJA Photo
3486 Murdoch Ct.
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Goodbye Miami, Hello Chicago

Dear AAJA photographers, photo editors and photo students,

Another successful and fun national AAJA convention is over. Here are some photography highlights of the convention in Miami. Hopefully we will see you at Unity next year in Chicago.

  • Almost $5,000 was raised in the Silent Photo Auction.
  • National photo award winners were Therese Tran, of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and Kuni Takahashi of the Chicago Tribune won top honors for the annual contest.
  • PhotoShootOut winners were Michelle Le, of SF State and Shaminder Dulai, of SJ State, who won over $1000 in photo prizes and the Dith Pran perpetual trophy.
  • Five photo students were grilled nearly two hours in a lively discussion with top photo editors from around Florida.
  • Photo parties at a Haitian restaurant, Cuban restaurant, Caribbean restaurant as well as a photo cruise around Miami.
  • All-day multimedia workshop with San Jose Mercury News Dai Sugano, New York Times Andrew DeVigal, and Washington Post Ben de la Cruz.
  • Michael Yamashita, of the National Geographic, showed his work on China.
  • Overseas photography with AFP Stan Honda, freelance Laura Pohl, National Geographic Michael Yamashita and Chicago Tribune Kuni Takahashi.
  • Student multimedia Voices project with student photographers Michelle Le, from SF State and Shaminder Dulai, from SJ State. Photo editors were freelancer Laura Pohl and Bernadette Tuazon, of AP.

You can find more info on AAJA photography: www.aajaphoto.org

If you have any ideas for Unity, please let us know. If you are planning to attend, please let us know too.
More info on Unity photography: www.unityphoto.org

Paul Sakuma
AAJA photography