AAJA Photo Shootout Winners

1st Place: Tue Nam Ton
2nd Place: Joyce Lin
3rd Place: Stella Lee
4th Place: Mike Schennum
5th Place: Kristina Sangsaha
6th Place: David Kranz
7th Place: Ray Wong
8th Place: Jennifer Dronkers


The theme of this year’s Annual PhotoShootOut Competition “HIT THE BEACH!” is based on the belief that anything goes on the beach. The first-place winner’s name will be inscribed on the national Dith Pran Trophy, named in honor of the AAJA member and New York Times photographer Dith Pran, whose life as a survivor of the Cambodian holocaust was portrayed in the movie “The Killing Fields.”

Dennis Oda, Honolulu Star-Bulletin staff photographer
Eugene Tanner, Orange County Register photo editor and former Honolulu Advertiser staff photographer
Greg Yamamoto, Honolulu Advertiser staff photographer

There were $2,000 in photo prizes.

First place receives a Canon digital camera donated from Canon and perpetual trophy with winners name on it.
Tue Nam Ton, Contra Costa Times staff photographer. (five photos)

Second place receives ThinkTankPhoto.com camera bag donated by ThinkThankPhoto.
Joyce Lin , UCLA photo student (four photos)

Third place receives a 2 GB Compact Flash card donated by Sandisk.
Stella Lee, Ohio University photo student (four photos)

Fourth Place: 2 GB compact flash card donated by Sandisk.
Mike Schennum, Arizona Republic staff photographer (one photo)

Fifth place: 2 GB compact flash card donated by Sandisk.
Kristina Sangsaha, San Francisco State University photo student
(one photo)

Sixth place: Nikon backpack.
David Kranz, University of California at Berkeley photo student (one photo)

Seventh place: Dinner with Dith Pran, Ray Wong, Middle Tennessee State University (three photos)

Eighth place: Dinner with Dith Pran, Jennifer Dronkers, Ohio University photo student. (two photo)