National AAJA photo awards

National AAJA photo award winner information here

Cheryl Diaz Meyer
, Senior Staff Photographer, The Dallas Morning News, “Iraq: Living in Fear”

Takaaki Iwabu
, Staff Photographer. The News And Observer, “The Second Chapter”
Photo by Takaaki Iwabu / The (Raleigh) News & Observer
On her first day at a school, H’Dung R’mah, 5, newly arrived Montagnard refugee, eats her lunch alone at Reedy Creek Elementary School in Cary, N.C. She has never attended a school before. H’Dung and her mother arrived in the United States a week before and reunited with their family for the first time in four years. Her father fled Vietnam to escape from the government’s persecution on the Montagnard, tribal populations in the central highlands of south Vietnam. The support for Montagnard and other immigrants has been slow because the resources have been stretched to help victims of the hurricanes.

We raised thousands of dollars for scholarships, thanks to those of you who participated in the AAJA Silent Photo Auction. Daniel Sato, photo student from San Jose State University, won two photo scholarships worth $4,000.

We will be posting information about the upcoming AAJA Convention in Miami in August 2007. Please send me suggestions on any photo panels, workshops, lectures or parties ideas.

Paul Sakuma
AAJA Photo

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