Call for prints

Dear AAJA Photojournalists,

This is my first call for 11 x 14 prints for the Silent Photo Auction at the National AAJA Convention. Please donate one or two prints to be sold at the AAJA Silent Auction in Miami in August. You can support student photographers if you come to the convention or not. Last year our prints raised about $5,000 for student AAJA scholarships.

Deadline: Friday, July 13.

When selecting your donation print, consider what someone would purchase. In other words, spot news doesn’t sell well – sports stars, celebrities and great feature photos sell well. People who buy these photos want to hang the purchased photo on their wall.

Mailing Print:

  • Your 11×14 print will be framed in a glass frame in the exact size of 10.6 x 13.6 inches. Regular 11×14 is perfect, but note .4 inches will not be shown due to frame.
  • If the print is not the exact 11×14 dimensions, it will be CUT to fit the 11×14 frame.
  • Sign your autograph on the lower right under the photo in white border area.
  • Include basic caption information of when and where you took the photo and description of photo on separate paper.
  • Enclose your name, affiliation, address, phone number and email address.
  • Do not send CD or email photo. Prints without autographs do not sell.Send your print(s) to:
    AAJA Photo Auction
    Paul Sakuma

    If you already framed your photograph, I will send you address where to mail it to in Miami.

    Print sold for personal use only. No reproduction rights are granted or should be assumed. AAJA will email you the final selling price after the auction.

    New York freelance photographer Corky Lee will be curator for the auction and photo exhibit. You can contact Corky:

    Thanks for helping out future Asian American photojournalists.

    Paul Sakuma
    AAJA Photo