Miami – Day Four

Michael Yamashita on cruise

Michael on the Island Queen Cruise ready to explore Biscayne Bay. Not quite his usual exotic adventure.

Cheryl bunny ears

Cheryl works to get the bunny ears on Michael.

Paul on cruise

Our fearless leader Paul on the cruise. No attempts at conch shell blowing this year.

Miami Skyline

The Miami skyline as most vessels were motoring a bit faster than us.

Kuni Photo

Kuni works his overseas photo skills, or at least photos on the sea.

Gloria Estefan home

Okay, our skipper said this home belongs to Gloria Estefan but we didn’t see her for the paparazzi moment.


At the Gala Banquet, as you can see everyone likes to hang with the photographers.

Beauty Table

The beauty table at the silent auction.

Happy Eugene

Why is Eugene smiling? Because he won a prize and what happens where he’s going, stays where he’s going.