AAJA member Dai Sugano wins Emmy Award

San Jose Mercury News photographer/multimedia editor Dai Sugano won an national Emmy Award on Monday for his video of mobile home residents in Sunnyvale, beating out competitors from PBS and Web sites of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times.
“Uprooted,” which looks at displacement of a group of mobile home residents in Sunnyvale, won for his approaches to news and documentary programming in the documentary category.
Sugano was the photojournalists and multimedia producer; Richard Koci Hernandez, former Mercury News deputy director of multimedia photography, and Geri Migielicz, director of photographer, were the executive producers; and Julie Patel was the reporter.
“I was stunned,” Sugano said. “It’s a great honor to win for this new way of storytelling, and I hope to serve the community even better with this new approach.”
Monday’s 29th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards were announced by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The awards were presented at the Frederick P. Rose Hall in Time Warner Center in New York City.
You can video Sugano’s Emmy-winning multimedia piece at: www.mercurynews.com/em…
Story by Sandra Gonzales, Mercury News
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