Call for prints for AAJA Silent Photo Auction

Dear AAJA Photojournalists,
With the success of last year’s AAJA photography auction, we have shown that together we can make a difference. This year AAJA needs more than ever your support in sustaining it’s programs through this economic time.
Please consider donating one or two 11″ x 14″ prints to make this happen. It will go towards the AAJA Silent Photo Auction this coming August in Boston.
The deadline for submission is Monday, June 1st.
Please note: when selecting your print to consider what someone would purchase. Generally celebrity or great feature photos sell well.
Mailing & Print Instructions:
1. Print (IMAGE) must be exactly 10.5 x 13.5 inches. Anything larger than this dimension will need to be cut to fit the frame size. Selected prints will be matted in 16” x 20” frame.
2. Please sign your autograph on the lower right corner of image with a silver metallic pen in dark areas and a black pen in lighter areas. The signature should be 1/2 inch above bottom of print and 1/2″ from right side of the print.
3. Include basic caption information of when and where you took the photo and description of photo on separate paper.
4. Enclose your name, affiliation, address, phone number and email address.
5. Do not send CD or email photo.
6. When mailing and packaging, corrugated card boards are suggested to keep print(s) from bending.  last year some photographers mailed in tubes available at the post office, additional packing materials are available.
Please send your print(s) to:
Expedi Printing
ATTN: Corky Lee
1300 Metropolitian Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
If you already framed your photograph, please ship directly by May 15 to:
Michael Quan 
55 Wallace Street 
Somerville, MA 02144
Print sold for personal use only. No reproduction rights are granted or should be assumed. AAJA will email you the final selling price after the auction.
New York freelance photographer Corky Lee will be curator for the auction and photo exhibit.
Thanks for your continuous help and support in our future Asian American photojournalists scholarship program. Your donation is greatly appreciated!
Deadline: Monday, June 1st
More info,
Corky Lee
AAJA Auction Photo Curator
646 208-6249
Paul Sakuma
AAJA Photo
Facebook: aaja photo
Twitter: @aajaphoto

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