Call for prints for National and SF Bay Scholarships

Dear AAJA photographers,

Need your 11×14 photos to help fund national and San Francisco Bay Area photography scholarships. Need just two 11×14 prints to national and two 11×14 prints for SF. All proceeds go directly into photography scholarships. Money from your one 11×14 can go from about $50 to $500 – directly into the pocket of Asian American student photojournalist.

(See below on how money raised last year helped AAJA photo student scholarship)

Both deadlines: June 6

Expedi Printing
ATTN: Corky Lee
1300 Metropolitian Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237

San Francisco AAJA Chapter:
Oanh Ha
1585 Schallenberger Road
San Jose, CA 95131

More info,
Facebook: aaja photo
Twitter: @aajaphoto

HOWARD HSU – Howard is the recipient of the Willie Kee (SF Bay Area photographer) Memorial Scholarship, which honors the best in broadcast journalism, video editting and photojournalism. Howard graduates from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism this year. He plans to continue work on a photography essay on how gentrification in Oakland affects Chinatown and on an international project on the exotic wildlife trade in Southeast Asia and China. His work on the exotic wildlife trade in Burma was published on the PBS Frontline/World website. His scholarship is $2,000.

Thanks for helping out future photojournalists

Paul Sakuma