Live student critiques Friday (Aug 14)

If there are any professionals who want to sit in and help critique, please come and help. We start at 10:15am on Friday in Photo Room.

Professional photo critiquers are now:
Kim Chapin, Boston Globe
Kii Sato, AP Chicago (moderator)
Dai Sugano, San Jose Mercury News
Greg Yamamoto, Honolulu Advertiser
one or two more photo editors/photographers since we lost a speaker.

Diana Diroy, San Jose State
Truth Leem, University of Missour
Jessica Lum, UCLA
Daniel Sato, San Jose State
Derek Sijder, San Jose State
might be one more photo student?

Depending on what assignments the Student Newspaper Projects photographers have, we will then go in alphabetical order. I’m guessing 20-30 minutes each student.

The next panel after the student session is 1:45pm, so go as long as you want, so I’ll order lunch for all speakers.

This is not a bashing session, but a constructive session to help students find jobs and internships and help them build a better portfolio to make the next step.

Paul Sakuma
facebook: aaja photo
twitter: @aajaphoto