Winners of the annual Dith Pran Photography and Multimedia ShootOut Competition

Photography Winners

List of winners in the Annual Dith Pran Photography and Multimedia ShootOut Competition. The theme of this year’s live photography competition was “The Freedom Trail”. All conventioneers were eligible to shoot between Wednesday through Friday during the convention. Over $2,000 in prizes were awarded.

The competition is in honor of New York Times photographer Dith Pran, who survived the Cambodian “Killing Fields”. The perpetual trophy and cash award will given out during the Gala Banquet on Saturday night.

Photography Winners:
First place: Kelvin Ma, freelancer, “Free Hug” wins a ThinkTankPhoto bag and $200 in cash from AAJA National Office and perpetual trophy and SanDisk. (value: $650)
Second place:, An Rong Xu, School of Visual Arts, “Sailor Portrait”, wins a ThinkTankPhoto camera bag and SanDisk card. (value: $450)
Third place: Diana Diroy, San Jose State University, “Cemetery”, wins Olympus audio recorder and Sandisk card. (value: $450)
Fourth place: Karen Zhou, freelance, “Military Dog Tags”, wins ThinkTankPhoto camera bag and SanDisk card. (value $200)
Fifth place: Sihang Chang, students, “Bookstore”, wins ThinkTankPhoto camera bag and Sandisk card. (value $200)
Sixth place: Hannah Lao, students, “Frog Pond”, wins Sandisk card. (value $50)

Multimedia Winners:
First place: Derek Sijder, San Jose State University, “Boston Globe Pressman”, wins Thinktankphoto camera carrying cases and SanDisk card. (value $400)
Second place: Derek Liu, UCLA, “Midnight Bakery”, wins a ThinkTankPhoto camera bag, wins Sandisk card. (value: $300)
Third place: Greg Yamamoto, Honolulu Advertiser, “Bar Owner”, ThinkTankphoto camera bag and SanDisk card (value $250)

First place: Derek Sijder

Second place: Derek Liu, UCLA

Fourth Place: Jessica Lum:…

Photo judges:
Matt Lee, Boston Globe
Dai Sugano, San Jose Mercury News
Chris Prevolos, Stamford Advocate
Bernardette Tuazon, Associated Press
Marilynn Yee, New York Times

More info:
Contest coordinator Matt Lee, Boston Globe
Paul Sakuma, Associated Press
Facebook: aaja photo
Twitter: @aajaphoto