Thank you for helping AAJA photographers attend the 2015 convention

Friday, July 24 is the last day to donate to help Asian American professional photographers attend the AAJA national convention. We have already raised about $500.

If you (Asian American professional photographer/photo editor with more than 50 per cent of your income related to photography) are interested in coming to the convention and can’t afford and think you’d come with funding help, please let us know.

We have reached our present goal for paying registration for 13 photo students and three professional photographers to attend the convention.

Thank you to those individuals and companies that help make this all possible.

Stan Honda, Paul Sakuma, Paul Cheung Alex Wong, Dai Sugano, Kii Sato, James Yee, Susan Choi, Corky Lee, Baron Sekiya, Howard Hsu, Kathleen Carroll, Michael Quan, Jeff Chiu, Ringo Chiu, Paul Kitagaki, Jr., Daniel Sato, Kenneth Kwok, Grace How, John Mabanglo, Donna Tam, FoxNews, Sacramento Chapter, San Francisco Chapter, AAJA National, Michelle Anindya, Justin Seiter, and Kathy Chow. (In no particular order)

Stan Honda


AAJA is a non-profit 501(c)3 for any tax deduction purposes.

More information on the photography portion of the convention: